The fear of fear

Anxiety can sometimes creep up on us. At other times it hits us unexpectedly catching us off guard. Then there’s the anxiety that always seems to be there, following us like an ominous shadow into every situation. It’s like a constant background hum of unease and dread. A shaky ungrounded feeling that leaves us vulnerable and full of doubt.

This experience can feed into a fundamental fear of the fear itself and we can find ourselves on the run, hiding from the uncomfortable feelings that anxiety brings with it and dreading might be lurking around the next corner. This can mean that we withdraw from life itself. Anxiety is part of life and part of of all our lived experiences yet for many it takes over and is debilitating.

Have you ever had dreams about being chased? Sometimes, in these dreams, we are pursed by wild animals that rarely catch us but we wake in the grip of terror and dread. It is our distorted beliefs about our live situations that is after us and it is those fearful beliefs that ultimately consumes us.

If we can gently start to turn towards the wildness of our fears and beliefs we may begin to understand that we have the power to master them and that we don’t have to be a slave to all the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that overpower us.

Bravery, patience and perseverance are required but we can get there and eventually anxiety can become a great teacher.