About counselling..

What can you expect?

Talking therapy creates a space in which, for 50 minutes, the focus is completely on us. This is a rare opportunity to really be heard and understood and to see our challenges in new ways. Talking through our issues with someone who is trained to listen can enable clarity and help us to gain insight into what may be causing distress.

How can it help individuals?

Through giving voice to our problems and having someone relate to our issues objectively therapy can provide us with new ways of seeing ourselves, how we relate to others and the world around us. I sometimes hear from clients once therapy has completed who say they are getting much more out of their lives and have a better sense of well-being.

How can it help couples?

Sometimes in relationships we can loose sight of the person we initially chose to be with as well as who we are as individuals. Communication often breaks down as hidden resentments and unexpressed needs can boil over into conflict and turmoil. Therapy can help rebuild the communication channels beyond the conflict. Learning to listen and to understand the needs of the other as well as being heard and understood by our partners are part of what talking therapy can offer.

As a psychotherapist and counsellor I am trained to listen and reflect and this can provide a unique opportunity to gain unbiased insight and understanding into the difficulties you may be facing.

“The goal of inner work is to help clients unblock their bottlenecks and learn how to live in partnership with the unconscious rather than at its mercy.”
-Robert Johnson