Counselling for anxiety

Counselling and psychotherapy is an effective and supportive way of coping with the symptoms of general anxiety and social anxiety.

I provide a friendly and confidential counselling service to men and women in central London whose live are affected by anxiety and anxiety related issues such as; insomnia, stress, social phobia, depression, worry and health related symptoms.

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In my practice I have experience in working with a wide range of anxieties and my clients contact me for a number of reasons including; work related difficulties such as redundancy and stress, family and relationship dynamics, self image and self-esteem problems as well as issues that suddenly happen in their lives such as accidents, bereavement and loss.

How can I help?

3Through counselling I can help you explore the difficulties you might be facing. Talking through your experiences, being heard and understood is very important and I am trained to listen and support you beyond the shackles of anxiety.

I understand how debilitating anxiety can be and that it can prevent us from moving forward in our lives. The world we have created often means that stress along with unseen pressures can build up inside ourselves until we reach a crisis point. Living an urban life in a city like London can bring many stresses and strains. Many of us are over-worked and struggling to juggle family, financial, social and work commitments. All of this can leave us feeling overwhelmed and alone. Counselling can provide a space in which to explore your current challenges.

Whilst anxiety is part of all our human experience it sometimes takes over our lives leaving us feeling vulnerable and afraid. However, it doesn’t need to be like this but often we are so use to the limitations that anxiety creates in our lives that we feel powerless against its forces. As such we allow it to influence our decisions and desires but once we get into relationship with our difficulties we may discover we have more choices available to us. From here we can move towards the life we would really like for ourselves.

What others say

Whilst there are many common experiences of anxiety each person is different and unique. For some counselling can help them build self-esteem and confidence whilst for others counselling provides support in which to manage anxiety.

Some clients have contacted me after therapy has completed telling me they feel more confident in themselves whilst others report that they are more engaged with their lives. Some clients have returned for top up sessions with me years later when life presents new challenges.

Counselling provides a supportive treatment for anxiety and in the sessions I will help you define your counselling goals and then work towards this aim.

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