Couples Counselling London

Couples counselling provides an opportunity to explore and express the difficulties that can arise within relationships.

Blur coupleI offer a space in which to explore the disconnections and misunderstandings that may cause conflict and distress.

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Counselling enables understanding through discovering new ways of communicating. Whether your intention is to re-build your relationship or have a safe space in which to move on counselling provides a unique opportunity to explore, be heard and understood. Also to be able to hear and understand the other as we are all experts in what is going for us yet sometimes find it difficult to fully appreciate the needs of our partners.

Couples counselling is for couples who have reached a point in their relationship where they need some help working through the confusions that can often arise. It is also for couples who simply want to maintain their relationship and have a space in which they can explore any difficulties and establish ongoing communication channels.

How can I help?

3Through counselling I can help you explore the difficulties you might be facing. Talking through your experiences, being heard and understood is very important and I am trained to listen and support you beyond the confusion and conflict.

I understand how important relationships are and how challenging they can be. Sometimes the work is about understanding why we are with the person we have chosen to be with as this can often get lost in the mists of time. often it’s about reconnecting and sometimes it’s about letting go and moving on. I can help you to examine your difficulties and discover ways to better understand your self and your partner.

Some of the issues counselling for couples can help with include;

– Disconnection
– Betrayal and affairs
– Parenting styles
– Sex and intimacy
– Family dynamics
– Relationship landscape and agreements
– Independence and interdependency
– Love and romance
– Creativity
– Reclaiming the self
– Reclaiming the relationship
– Marriage and civil partnerships