Counselling for gay couples

Gay couples counselling is a service for men and women offering a space in which to explore the disconnections and misunderstandings that can arise in relationships.

3Couples counselling can enable understanding through discovering new ways of communicating. Whether your intention is to re-build your relationship or have a safe space in which to move on counselling provides a unique opportunity to explore and be heard.

I have experience in working with couples and I can help you explore the difficulties and discover ways to better understand your yourself as well as your partner. Counselling can enable new ways of communicating with each other and get things back on track.

Issues for gay couples

Whilst many of the issues that come up in relationships are the same for gay couples as they are for heterosexual couples some differences do arise. As a gay man I understand the difficulties and some of the differences that can create conflict within gay relationships and some of the issues counselling can help with include;

– Disconnection
– Monogamy and open relationships
– Betrayal and affairs
– Partnerships vs boyfriends / girlfriends
– Sex and intimacy
– Drug and alcohol issues
– Relationship landscape and agreements
– Independence and interdependency
– Love and romance
– Creativity
– Reclaiming the self
– Reclaiming the relationship
– Marriage and parenting

How can I help?

As a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist I can help you explore the issues that may be causing conflict in your relationship and I have experience helping couples find new ways in which to communicate and understand each other.

Counselling provides a private and confidential space in which to explore the difficulties and challenges that life sometimes presents.

Many of my clients report having gained better understanding into their issues and of themselves. They often say they feel more at ease and more confident within themselves.

Counselling for gay couples provides a space in which to explore issues around sexuality as well as other difficulties and challenges. It offers an opportunity to be heard, supported and gain understanding.