LGBT counselling

Counselling for gay men and women provides a friendly service in which to explore the difficulties and challenges of life

As a counsellor and psycotherapist I have experience in work with individuals and couples and my practice is based in central London. Skype counselling sessions are also available for those overseas or outside London.

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Life often present us with difficulties that can leave us feeling stuck and isolated. Counselling can provide a unique opportunity to explore these difficulties and gain support and understanding. Seeking help can feel daunting and I understand how challenging those first steps can be. Finding the right person to work with is very important. In my practice I offer friendly and professional therapeutic experience having worked on a range of issues including;

– The coming out process (at work and socially)
– Sex and intimacy
– Building self-esteem
– Drug and alcohol issues
– Shame and anxiety
– Isolation
– Gay man / straight life
– Partnerships and marriage
– Bullying
– Sexual identity
– Being black and gay
– Internalised homophobia

Your sexual identity is an important part of who you are. Counselling can help you understand and honor this part of yourself whilst balancing it with all the other great things that also make up who you are.

How can I help?

3As a UKCP and BACP registered counsellor I can help you explore the issues that may be holding you back from being the person you want to be and living the live you really want.

Counselling provides a private and confidential space in which to explore the difficulties and challenges that life sometimes presents.

Many of my clients report to have gained a better understanding into their issues and of themselves. They often say they feel more at ease and more confident within themselves.

LGBT Counselling provides a space in which to explore issues around sexuality as well as other difficulties and challenges. It offers an opportunity to be heard, supported and to gain understanding into the issues that may be causing you distress.