Counselling for hyperhidrosis provides understanding and support as part of the treatment for this condition.

3As a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist I offer a friendly counselling service for men and women whose lives are affected by excessive sweating and related issues such as; anxiety, stress, social phobia, depression and body related issues.

Click here to book an initial session, check availability or for more information.

Skype sessions are also available for those who are living outside London, overseas or home-bound.

In my practise I have experience in working with a wide range of issues and my clients contact me for a number of reasons including; anxiety and stress, family and relationship dynamics, depression, self image and self-esteem problems as well as health issues, bereavement and loss.

Counselling for Hyperhidrosis can provide support as well as a space in which to explore and share the issues that arise due to life with the condition.

How can I help?

I understand how challenging living with hyperhidrosis can be and that the condition can leave you feeling alone, disappointed with your body and struggling with the treatments you may have tried. Counselling can provide a space in which to voice your difficulties and be heard and understood.I am trained to listen and support you though your journey to move beyond your current challenges.

Through counselling I can help you explore ways to best live and cope with hyperhidrosis and whilst counselling can’t provide a cure it can provide support and understanding.

In the treatment for hyperhidrosis counselling provides an understanding and confidential service in which to explore the difficulties faced when living with hyperhidrosis.

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