Skype / online counselling

Online counselling gives individuals and couples who live overseas, outside London or who may be home-bound the opportunity to work with me at a time and location to suit.


How does it work?

The set up is the same as with therapy, which would ordinarily take place in a counselling room. I ensure that I am in a private space and that the technology is working in order that we have a clear connection. You are then responsible for ensuring that the space you are are using is private and that you feel comfortable. The sessions run for the usual 50 minutes and we try and arrange physical face to face meeting every now and then.

I prefer to use Vsee than Skype as it is a secure encrypted channel.

How much does it cost?

The fee is the same as physical sessions and payments are made either by bank transfer or via Paypal which is both quick and easy.

What are the bennefits?

Online therapy for severe anxiety – for those who find sitting in front of a therapist intimidating online work can provide and way in to getting the support you need from the comfort of your own environment.

On-line sessions for convenience – for those who travel regularly or relocate but wish to maintain the continuity of counselling on-line work is perfect.

On-line work enables flexibility and convenience.